Monday, August 17, 2009

Twenty Things for the Next Twenty Years (started the list in 2008, just finished it last night)

1) Ride in a hot air balloon.
2) Weld and form metal into something beautiful.
3) Hike alone for a long time.
4) Go to Africa and see hippos in the Zambezi River.
5) Do a creative writing sabbatical.
6) Be the sole caregiver for a child for more than just one day.
7) Train a pony.
8) Ride a bike for a good long distance.
9) Paint a landscape in watercolor.
10) Build a boat 
11) Live in a place that doesn't use English that often
12) Party more with Carrie.
13) Try to write everyday.
14) Publish in "The Sun" magazine.
15) Ski Naked.
16) Always choose to have a new experience. 
17) Sing with others more often.
18) Fall in love, wildly and with abandon. 
19) Witness a birth
20) Alter consciousness without drugs.

A first night on the journey...
A first night on the journey...

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