Tuesday, July 31, 2018

July Jublilee

 July was a whirlwind. Here it is in photos and captions:

We had a corner spot for the Nederland 4th of July parade.
There were some curled lips of disappointment.
Others were supportive. It felt good to make a statement. 

Carrie's fantastic porch view in Nederland.

My first foray into a vegetable garden, Kale. Lettuce. Love

Perennial Farm Project looking good.
Stewarding inventory for next year's plant sale
to benefit the Community Garden.  
WTH Travel Idea: go on an overnight yoga retreat
to camp out at someone's family camp on a lake in Northwoods Maine. 

Then follow WTH Travel Idea to do some yoga with
Michael Franti in a farm field.
Then took in a high energy concert with really bad photos but
a great vibe with the other soul rockers. Took a
wrong turn and ended up getting home really late. Living large.

Happenstance encounter with the Yarmouth Clam Festival
made for a fun evening. Ate clams, natch. 
Longest Parade in Maine! Go Girls!

The following weekend I spent at the Mid Coast Hospital. This contraption was in the parking lot.
Mom had emergency surgery but is recovering nicely.
I was thinking a lot about my next step for housing
and this seemed like a very utilitarian, somewhat redneck
tiny house.

Came home from a long day at the hospital and the housemate
was having a little party without telling anyone that her friends would
be camping out in the street overnight. Nice rig kid! It was Daddy's.
I was struck by the contrast with the contraption above.

I think she was pissed that I ruined her party
vibe. She moved out a few days later on the
last day of the month. 

I don't know where this image came from, but it felt like a good way to close out this post.